Thursday, September 08, 2011

iPhone Paintings 10: Crew Meetings and Demo

Twice a week we have crew meetings on the project I'm working on in the stusdio. So every now and then, I'll grab the opportunity to do life drawing on my iPhone inside the dim lit room. Clockwise from top left: Doug Sweetland, Fergal Reilly, Justin Thompson, Lia Abbate, Dave Bleich and Mike Kurinsky

Here's a couple more with my son and my wife done a couple of days ago. Below is the stroke by stroke video of these two. All paintings were done in Brushes app and video capture in Brushes Viewer. Enjoy.

All images and videos ©Armand Serrano. 


Chris Cormier said...

Absolutely incredible. Beautiful work. Only recently have I learned that real artwork can be done on iPhones. Are you doing a lot of zooming in for detail? I imagine you'd have to. Great work!

Armand Serrano said...

Its a good balance of going in and out. i dont want to get too tight and detailed when zooming in. Zoom in more when you're sculpting the silhouette.

Cedricstudio said...

These are fantastic. Did you use a stylus or just your finger?

Armand Serrano said...

Both stylus and finger :)

Mahesh Ashok Sutar said...

These are fantastic work is a gr8888888888888888888888888t sir

DSM said...

Niiice!~He plays and mom's stuck with the laundry...

Samuel Ara├║jo said...

Fantastic. :)

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Anonymous said...

Truly nice work.

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Brad Sutton said...

Hey man Where do you find the video capture in Brushes Viewer. I cant find it.