Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Adobo Design Awards and Design Series

I'll be participating as jury at the 2014 Adobo Design Awards in Manila. In line with the event, I'll be part of the Adobo Design Series to do a presentation on Visual Development on Animated Feature Films. Calling all artists in the Philippines and Southeast Asia tot come and the check these events out!!!

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Concept Art Should Have A Concept Not Just Art!

Started as a 30-minute spitpaint titled Royal Cat, this is 5 hrs later. I grew up watching romantic epic films from the past and as a kid, I'm a sucker for period uniforms and armors. The Queen mother stretches her arm straight and in formal pose signifies royal bearing and position. The daughter, the new queen, cannot be in contact with outsiders. The geometric silhouettes on the royalties signifies regimented, rigid, and very formal lifestyle. The profile of the Sphinx echoes the profiles of both queen and mother. This shows their family dynasty. The papyrus message is directly in front of the sphinx as if coming out of it's mouth. This shows that this message is honest as if coming also from the mouth of their ancestors. On the other hand, the Roman emissary and general behind him are in less formal poses and uniform showing less respect to the authority in front of them. Right hand on the gladius shows readiness and bit of distrust. General behind leans slightly to his left getting a glance of the new queen. Warm light behind the women for their warm hospitality. Cool light behind the Romans for their hidden intention. Visual Aesthetics for effective Concept Art is part of my lecture when I do Visual Development workshops. Fun exercise.

Original 30-minute spitpaint.

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