Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lizard Troop 2

©Armand Serrano.
The original drawing (fig.4) was done a while back in graphite and marker on animation paper. When I opened the file recently I didn't like the character anymore especially it's weak pose (it reminds me of Dinotopia). So I modified the character in Photoshop as well as the creature (fig. 3) and made them a little more dynamic. Shadows are added for emphasis. Then I tried out different color schemes and this is the one I'm kinda happy with (fig. 2). At this point, I thought I'm almost done until I said to myself, well, why not. So I went ahead and added the whole environment and had so much fun painting it. It's a four and a half hour sitting in Photoshop.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Sony released the very first teaser poster for Surf's Up at the Con. The film is due summer 2007 so hang in there guys, one more year to go. This image I believe was painted by Paul Lasaine, our production designer. Marcelo Vignali designed the ice board, I designed the two wooden boards, and Sylvain DeBoissy did the characters. For Surf's Up website, click here. But for now, don't forget to watch Open Season, Sony Pictures Animation's very first animated feature coming this fall.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Counsel

Here's another product of my downtime. Originally, I designed this subject to be painted with oil on canvas (26"x30") for an exhibit in Maitland, Florida back in 2003. I sketched it out in graphite then added the color scheme in Photoshop (fig. 2). But due to schedule problems, I didn't finish the painting (fig. 3) and used The Passover instead. It stayed in my garage all those years. But finally, thanks to this downtime...it's finished! It's a two three-hour sessions in Photoshop. Roman empire is one subject I'm always fascinated with. The subject is set during a first century campaign. A tribune gives a legionary commander (seated) counsel on their next move as the centurion (behind the commander with the crest), his optio (behind the centurion) and an aquilifer (with the banner) look on. Unconsciously, I draw the main character bigger and yet it works. Well, he's the "boss".

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lizard Troop

A few years ago at Disney, I was developing a story concept simply titled Lizard Troop. Due to some exciting announcements like shutting down the studio made me just abandon the project. But I did a few artworks for it that I saved. I pulled this one out (fig. 2). Since I'm on my down time this week, I decided to have fun and paint it (fig. 1). By the way, I just finished 'Surf's Up' (slated for 2007) last week and on to the next project. Work load will not kick in probably until the next few weeks. Anyway here's the finished product. It's a four hour sitting in Photoshop.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mulan and Shang

These are a couple of character layout poses for Mulan during the avalanche sequence. I just noticed on the second panel that Mulan's size relationship with Shang and Khan is off. I drew her a bit bigger. But what the heck, it worked.