Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland: Jabberwocky Concept Designs

©Armand Serrano.
A couple of years ago when Sony Imageworks was ramping up work on Disney's Alice In Wonderland, Visual Effects supervisor Ken Ralston invited myself and Marcelo Vignali to do some concept designs on any character of our choice for the film. This was just a one day gig for both of us and here's some of my quick takes on the Jabberwocky.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something Different: Maryoku Yummy

©Armand Serrano and American Greetings.
Dug while organizing my hard drive. Three years ago, my friend Paitoon introduced me to Kelly Grupczynski, the creative director at American Greetings while they're starting on the Maryoku Project. Obviously totally different from what I do everyday. Viewed it as a challenge and did some designs for them to create the world where these cute, tiny creatures live in. Honestly it was a stretch since I'm not used to this cutsie, appealing-to-little girls kind of style. Hey, I learned from these and happy how they turned out. Enjoy.
@Armand Serrano and American Greetings.