Friday, June 30, 2006

New Adventures Of Jonny Quest

While working for Hanna Barbera at Fil-Cartoons Studios in Manila 16 years ago (oh my!), I had the privilege of being part of a lot of Saturday morning cartoons that I grew up with. The New Adventures Of Jonny Quest is one of my favorite. As you may know, they go to different exotic places on every episode of Jonny Quest. That show as well as a lot of TV cartoons have been a fantastic training ground for me as a layout artist. The turnover of each episode was so quick (every month or two the most). So we have to crank up the speed in thinking, research and drawing without losing the quality as much as possible. This bg layout was one of the very few ones that I kept from that show. I believe the original layout was done in 1992. Then I fixed the rendering on it around 1995-1996 to be added on my portfolio while applying for feature animation studios. There's nothing really much going on in this layout. But I like how I played with the light and how it turned out. An epic scale was created on a very simple shot. Again, if my memory serves me well, this is supposed to be some kind of a landing pad for a secret underground facility for that episode. This was done with black prismacolor on soft medium weight vellum.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Beach From Tarzan

The first artwork is an underlay level I did for a scene from Tarzan. The foliage was purposely detailed since it's a pan set-up and needs to see details in the background as camera pans. I don't remember what exactly this scene is for but I'm sure it's towards the end of the movie. Too bad, I can't find the bg for this so I imported the file to Photoshop and made it into a quick beach painting.


This rough bg layout I did I believe is for the scene where Tarzan is finally recognized by the apes as their leader. There's a slight drizzle of rain that's why a couple of puddles of water were added. It was a 16 fld set-up using graphite on smooth animation paper. Layout was done in 1998.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

El Pacifico - "Newfound Friend?"

Check out my latest on El Pacifico. These three panels are highlighted because of the amount of details I put in them. Dinga-man and his crew will have a surprise "guest" that will be an interesting addition to the crew. Again, the page is completely done in Photoshop. Enjoy...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I continued sorting out my "archive" (actually boxes) this morning and finally found my Tarzan and Brother Bear artworks. Here is a couple of workbook panels from Brother Bear. This is the scene where Denali comes out of hiding and and about to attack the bear he's been hunting (which of course he didn't know that's his own brother Kenai). Designing birch trees in this movie was so much fun like this one having three trunks stemming out of one. For those of you studying composition, the idea is as soon as Denali steps out, camera follows him and makes a slight pull back. The tip of the spear and his foot start to come out of the shadow. I wanted Denali almost on the center of the screen (for a purpose) then framed him with two birch trees. Then I offset that frame towards the left of the main composition in order to create a more natural "feel" overall. I'll definitely include this sequence for my workbook series in a few weeks.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Red Rock Canyon

Here are some photographs I took on a visit to Red Rock Canyon in Nevada last Wednesday with my family. Amazing rock formations and the pallette against sunset. Check out the family at the lower right corner on the the third photo for scale.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Runaway Brain

This is a Disney short that was released in 1995 with the movie "A Kid in King Arthur's Court". The movie was forgettable but the short wasn't. It was the first Disney short with Mickey and Minnie in it on the big screen for many, many years. But what makes it unique is a "dark" Mickey doing a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character. Animation is very well executed and personally, I love watching well animated Mickey in 2D (because that's what it was originally designed for!). The short I believe was mainly done in Disney Paris FA studio with the help of the Florida crew. For those of you out there who haven't seen it for a long time ( like me ) or haven't seen it at all, here it is...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Sketchclub Post

Here's my latest post on our Sketchclub blog. She reminded me of an older Olive Oyl and it helped me retain the image till I was able to sit down on the drawing board this morning. Marcelo and I did a session last Friday with a special guest from the Sketchclub East franchise, Mark McDonnell. Too see their take on this lady, click the link or go to

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Workbook Series #2: Mulan Prologue (1st Version)

Welcome again to my workbook series. Here is the first version workbook that I did for the Mulan prologue that never made it into the big screen. One of the elements I like about this version is the puppetry at the beginning. I remember seeing the tests made for this in CG and they looked amazingly beautiful. I was a bit disappointed when I was informed that the whole sequence has to be revised. The puppetry is an effective intro to the richness of the Chinese culture. But Hans did a brilliant move in adding an equally powerful intro on the second version (Theatrical version. See Workbook Series#1) -- the Chinese brush painting. Dean DuBlois, who was my director for Lilo & Stitch, was the story artist for both versions. Enjoy.