Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2: Designing the Roofless Restaurant, Spaghetti Twister, and Eiffel Tower


The Roofless was originally named Ralph's Roofless Restaurant (see if you can say that fast). The idea actually originated from the book. Since food falls from the sky, the restaurant sells utensils. I designed the interior with The Standard in LA in mind showcasing different utensils all around the place. The brightly lit tables somehow are paying homage to the legendary layout tables we used back in the days of 2D animation.

Below is my earliest design for the interior which was a quick thumbnail in PS having a bright colorful palette.


Here's an early concept design of the spaghetti tornado I did wrecking down the sardine cannery. Below are screen grabs of a 3D test with an animated spaghetti twister which I "retouched" to add a new NY skyline layout.

Here are the actual artworks I did based from that test above.

The design of the New York skyline was based from the artist Miroslav Sasek's style (remember the "This Is" childrens' book series) in his which we were alluding to early on in visual development. Same goes with Liberty. I noticed that his artworks has a slight general lean to the right meaning he's left handed. So I did the same. Kinda cool and added personality.


These are very early concept designs that show the tower covered with pizza as well as the clouds. I designed these clouds with those tube-like formations where food supposedly would fall out from, and tendrils for fear factor. I made these tree studies thinking they might be useful for the same environment using Sasek's sensibilities but in a 3D volumetric form.

Still more to come next week...

All images ©Sony Pictures Animation.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 1: Designing the Jello Mold and Ice Cream Town


Designing Jello Mold was a totally fun task since right from the very start I knew it's going to be iconic for the film. The challenge: since we haven't seen a giant jello before, I have to check real kids' jello and observe how light reacts to its texture. The last image above, though, didn't make it to the movie due to story change. In the first version, Flint stuck himself inside the "deflated" rotten jello mold he originally built for Sam. The revised version was inside a garbage can instead which ended up in the film. Below are more jello designs.


To cap the fun on the Jello Mold is the interior design. I haven't been inside a jello before. So to imagine what it's like in there is as challenging to me as to both the animators, who had to imagine jello's behavior when it's that big, and sound designers, who had to come up with how jello sounds in that scale.


The before and after approved versions of the ice cream sequence. Old houses and buildings around Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles and Culver City came in very handy for me in designing the neighborhood architecture. The ice cream covered version was kinda tricky. The ice cream had to be simple and very recognizable unlike the earlier version where I made them look like giant poop all over the town. Art Director Mike Kurinsky brilliantly added flavors and stripes on the final painted version.

To design the town, I had to come up with a way how to populate the area with the least amount of elements to be built in 3D. So I came up with three different L-shaped "Lego" blocks and interchangeably attached to each one creating different combinations that made up the whole town.

More to come next week...

All images ©Sony Pictures Animation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cast & Crew Screening of "Cloudy..."

Cast and crew screening at Mann Village Theatre and after party at Sony Pictures back lot for "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" last Monday. I will post my artworks from the movie starting tomorrow night, Thursday. Movie opens this Friday (watch it in 3D)!
(Top l-r:) Pete Oswald, Armand Serrano, Sylvain DeBoissy and Carey Yost.
(Bottom l-r) Antonio Cannobio, Dominique, Janet DeBoissy, Sylvain DeBoissy, John Butiu, Bing Serrano, Armand Serrano.
Photos courtesy of John Butiu.