Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Canyon Country Fires

You all have seen on the news the fires here in Southern California. I live in Canyon Country and had a first hand experienceof some of the scary moments during this buckweed incident that started rapidly Sunday afternoon. We were not evacuated but had to stand by just in case. The first five photos were taken from my backyard Sunday night. We're looking at the Whites, Plum and Sand Canyons which are approximately only 3-4 miles away from where I live. Last two were taken yesterday. That's Saugus area near Castaic. Fortunately, it's quiet now on our front but let us all continue to hope and pray for many whose lives and properties are directly affected by this calamity.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Locals Luau/Surf's Up DVD and Blue Ray out!

©Sony Pictures Animation.
It's here! For those of you who haven't seen Surf's Up yet, here's your chance to do so. The Surf's Up DVD and Blue Ray discs are finally out Tuesday, October 9th. In line with the release, here are a couple of artworks from the movie titled "Locals Luau". The first one is the concept art where the luau is happening inland away from the beach. Notice the "Lady and the Tramp" moment between Cody and Lani. But instead of spaghetti, they're eating a squid of course. The local inhabitants of the island are having a luau mixed with dolphin rodeo and a carnival (sort of like the LA County fair penguin style) on the background. The second one is an overview if it's happening by the beach and more commercialized. Unfortunately, this sequence was on till halfway through production then the directors decided to take it out. Anyway, enjoy the movie.