Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sony Pictures Animation Website

A few months ago, Sony decided to have a website dedicated to our animation division. I built a rough, mock up, working website how we, artists, would want to see it. The result was way better than what I did, kudos to our talented marketing and interactive group. Excited to share it with you all. Click here.


Hans said...

Hey Armand,

Hope you had a good holiday weekend.
The new site looks awesome! Very nice and easy to navigate etc. Been waiting for a Sony Animation site for a while too.

Hope to see you at lunch/sketchclub soon.


Anonymous said...

clean design and direct to the point, I like it

Anonymous said...

PS. Love your Itouch paintings

milind said...

whatta a portfolio.hats off.

Anonymous said...

The new site looks awesome! Very nice and easy to navigate etc.

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