Monday, April 14, 2008

Proud Daddy Ad

If you have the Graco Baby catalog, You'll see my daughter Ella's photo on page 48. You can also view the online catalog here just for this month.


SEILER said...

That's cool Armand!!!!

Matt said...

What a super cute kid! When do we get to see some of her art?

Lorraine A D Alvarez said...

Love the work here. Especially the surfs up stuff. So many designs!
PS. cute kid (:

Marcos Mateu said...

You sure can be proud, I still remember seeing the first ad in stores everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Now my wife has to buy the catalog!
Great pic .

Marco Bucci said...

this would make any father proud!
Great picture too.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Now she's having some fun! ;)
That's a very nice picture, congratulations to daddy and mommy!
Ciao ciao!

Shuku said...

Oh that's a gorgeous one Armand! Congrats, and yes, proud dad is right, you should be!