Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Silver Surfer in NY

This might be one of the oldest artworks I have with me. Back in 1993-1995, I was with Philippine Animation Studio and supervising layout for the overseas productions of Marvel TV series. One of them was one whole season of Fantastic Four (actually the two-season DVD for Fantastic Four 1995-96 is now available in stores). Every episode, they have a guest superhero and on this one, they have the great Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer is supposed to be right smack in the middle of the frame hovering fast towards the camera. The middle part was rendered dark to to give a good contrast on the character (light over dark). This is a 16 fld set-up (which is already big considering the TV standard of 12 fld). There is a camera pull back following the Surfer and a fancy camera rotation as well. The artwork is done on TV 16 fld-size smooth vellum paper using black prismacolor.


Eila Rigau said...

hola ,me encanta tu trabajo es verdaderamente profesional ,y es magnifico poder aprender y disfrutar de tus fondos y de las ilustraciones ,felicidades

Armand Serrano said...

Muchos gracias, Rigau.

The Wizard of Odd said...

Armand, you work is beautiful. Been following it for the past 3 weeks. The El Pacifico blog is brilliant: you, Marcelo and Marcos work so well togther: Brava!

I'm an amateur writer out of Rhode Island, doing a stint over here from India. There's an idea I'd like to talk to you about, and it has to do with an Agent named Morrisey and a mission about the towers of hanoi. Do let me know how to get in touch, it would be fantastic. Email perhaps?

Best wishes for everything.


Hans said...

Hey Armand,

Looks great, very nice perspective. I know you're currently working on "Surf's Up" right? Did you also work on the upcoming "Open Season"?


Armand Serrano said...

Hi Hans,

Just for one day! My original contract with Sony was originally for Open Season. But when I got on board, there's not much development stuff to be bbe done and Surf's Up was just a month old so they asked me to do development for them. Then I guess the rest is history. Thanks for the comment and have a blessed day Hans.

JeN said...

wowzers..such a great blog. all of your work is stunning. i'm running out of nice words to say after looking at your and Marcelo's blog. I might have to start inventing new words just for the two of you. :) great work and i can't wait to see more!