Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Take on Lilo's House

Here's probably one of the most famous shots of the house in Lilo & Stitch. The scene has Nani running into frame in perspective from the left towards the house. She has to make it in time before the social service guy, Cobra Bubbles, arrive. I did the rough layout for this shot and originally I designed the scene with a tree and their mailbox in the middle foreground of the scene for interest (fig.1). Then the directors suggested to move the objects to the left. I kinda like where the mailbox is so I suggested to keep the mailbox and just move the tree (fig.2). But of course when the actual animation was done, I have to say bye bye to my beloved mailbox to give more 'stage' for Nani's action (fig.3). It's all good as long the scene works. Photoshop wasn't being used that much then so I have to use the good old reliable 'gumby'. You can still see the 'ghosts' of the the tree and the mailbox in the original layout drawing.


C.Deboda said...

Thats bookmarking this blog. Wow.

Mark McDonnell said...

Breathtaking. What a wonderful touch you have. Your range of values is exceptional and the rythem you create in the drawing AND in the tones is beautiful.


Lubomir said...

Very, very cool!

Hans said...

Hey Armand,

What mediums did you use for this one? It IS a shame that your mailbox was removed! Composition-wise I like the middle one the best. It's just a beautiful piece, the reflections in the water and the leafs floating in it and of course the light on the ground breaking through the dense foliage. Hmmm, now that I look at 'em again, I actually really like the contrast of the tree against the house in the first one. I'm guessing you're using similar techniques as Marcelo? Do you draw everything in outline first or what is your approach on a piece like this?



EricV said...

i just want to say i love your layouts. WOW....just WOW! you are amazing my friend....i especially love the stuff you did for lilo and stitch, such an inspiration!

Shawn Escott said...

Awesome layouts. You did a fantastic job on these! Man, you are so talented!