Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Here's another one. A layout pose of Shang Yu giving the halt signal to his men after capturing two imperial soldiers. layout was done I believe in 1997.


Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

TOO MUCH FOR ME TO TAKE I'LL Have to came back for smaller doses take care!!!

Hans said...

Hey Armand,

I got your link from Marcelo's blog and was thrilled to see you decided to get a blog yourself, been waiting for that for awhile:). I've been studying yours and Marcelo's work a lot and I find it absolutely amazing. The detail, use of light and atmosphere is just incredible. Your artwork has been a great inspiration to me.
I've been talking a lot with Marcelo lately, who's been very generous and helpful, answering all my questions and sharing his techniques, which I have gained tremendously from. Hope we can do the same here, it would be greatly appreciated:)

Thanks again and take care:)


P.S. Will add you to my links when I get home, hope you don't mind.

Armand Serrano said...

But of course Hans. Just shoot any questions you wanna ask and Ill try to give you answers the best I could. Thanks for visiting and go ahead and put the link. Ill definitely check your site as well. Take care.

Martin Wittig said...

Armand, I am completely blown away by your work! Thank you so much for all of this amazing work up here for us to view. I am definitely going to add you to my links section! Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

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