Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lilo's Dog Pound

Welcome to my new blogsite. Finally I was able to find time to set this up. My first post is this layout that I did for Lilo & Stitch and probably one of my favorites. What makes this layout so special is aside from being huge (actual size is approx. 19" x 44"), it's one of those shots where you spend a whole week (with overtime) designing background and character layouts and figuring out camera mechanics as well then eventually the whole thing ends up barely three seconds on the screen. But that's alright. I had so much fun with it and very rewarding. If you look closely, the fun drawings that I put on the wall was originally designed by my very talented friend Marcelo Vignali who did an amazing work as a freelance visual development artist for Disney at that time. This is for the scene where Stitch was coming out of the pound. Jumba fired some shots from his blaster then Stitch jumps from the door on the right to the sign post (there's an animated sign hanging there), then to the branch, then finally ends up behind the rock on the left. This was done with B and 2B graphite pencils on smooth 24 fld animation paper.


Nick Sung said...

Armand--your work is just amazing!
I'm very glad I stumbled across your blog, and that, in fact, you have one. Just incredible work. Thanks so much for sharing!

Armand Serrano said...

Thanks Nick.


Andrew Bosley said...

Hey Armand- Great stuff as always! Thanks for the info you've shared with me in the past and thanks also the informative stuff on your new blog. You set a high standard for those of us trying to get started in the industry. Keep it up!

Armand Serrano said...

Thanks Andrew. I wish you the best on your future endeavors. Keep in touch.


Mark McDonnell said...

INCREDIBLE man. What great control and direction with tone. Truely inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


Richtoon said...

Wow! This is great stuff. Beautiful artwork. I hope Disney continues to go towards this type of storytelling. It was very strong and resonated of the high standards of the past great films.

I gotta keep chicking this blog!!

Anonymous said...

cool! another Filipino! i got here through Mr. Erwin Madrid's blog page and got curious because of your surname. i'm very happy that you guys have really gone far. i've worked at Toon City for a certain period, for a part of Lilo and Stitch tv series. it was an experience. it was really fun. i wish i could continue but having financial problems really does hit you in the gut and forces you to take something else. that'll be for the meantime. if i've improved, i shall go back. hopefully on a higher position. hahaha im very proud of you guys! Mabuhay kayo! :D

Nelson Noel Luty said...

Armand Te felicito Por tu Gran trabajo! Is very Great!