Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Tank

While working on the defunc "My Peoples" in September, 2003, I did a small movie of my toys inside the Disney studio. The whole thing was done in my pod and it took me a month to finish this "secret" project of mine. Everything was shot using my regular Sony video camera on green screen bg and did a little bit of matte painting. I used a bit of efx tricks I learned from watching DVD extras to create the explosion. The movie was edited on my laptop using Adobe Premiere and re-edited in Final Cut. Music was from the re-release CD of the 1925 Ben-Hur and sound efx were acquired online. Arrangements were being made for this short to be shown on the dailies but sadly the studio was shut down and never made it into the 'big screen'. Well here it is for you to enjoy.
Notes: If you see a 'hand' on one shot, that's mine. Also, I didn't mean to make the bad guy win. It just so happen that's the available toy at the moment and I had a "deadline".


Hans said...

First of all, thanks for your insight in how you approach your work, it's very much appreciated:)

Wow, that's really well done! You're definitely not wasting your time. Great shots, especially like the beginning with the fighter plane. Reminds me of the old "Thunderbirds".

Have a great day,


Hans said...
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pbcbstudios said...

not quite as amusing as the "kirk and spock love movie" we made on the scene machine in efx but still really well done!