Monday, June 26, 2006


This rough bg layout I did I believe is for the scene where Tarzan is finally recognized by the apes as their leader. There's a slight drizzle of rain that's why a couple of puddles of water were added. It was a 16 fld set-up using graphite on smooth animation paper. Layout was done in 1998.


Mark McDonnell said...

Nice man. Great sense of bounced light to show the character in a sense of power. Nice man . . .it's all there.


Armand Serrano said...

Thanks, Mark. Actually you're right regarding the sense of power. Since it's a very simple static shot, I have to make it interesting and powerful. So I tried the "spotlight" effect and high contrast in values...and it worked.

Hans said...

Wow Armand, this is really nice. I can almost smell the wet moss and the sharp contrasts creates a really interesting pattern in the BG.


Martin Wittig said...

These are just plain incredible! Awesome lighting, and great composition as always:)