Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just A "Proud Dad" Ad

My youngest, Ysabella, recently completed photoshoots for Children's Place and Baby Style catalogues. Here's a Children's Place ad on the August issue of Parenting magazine. She's the one on the left. My two other kids, Hannah and Luke, attend Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts in Newhall, California. If your kids or you know someone who wants to do no non-sense acting lessons and living north of Los Angeles, I would highly recommend this school. You can check out their site here.


Alden V said...

great graphic design

Mark McDonnell said...

You see, that's just plain showing off man. I though we were going to meet at Chico's this coming Thursday. What gives???


Nick Sung said...

Oh my gosh! That's ridiculous!
What a cute little girl!

Congrats Armand, Ysabella! Very cool.

Armand Serrano said...

Sshhh, keep it down low, Mark...and thanks Nick.

Hans said...

That's a cute kid you got there for sure:)
So I guess your retirement is secured, with two actors and a super model;)

The Lizzard Troop stuff is really cool. The changes you made definitely made it more interesting and "real".

Have a great day,


K.B. said...

Kids ??? But your only 21. You are linked now my friend.I'll be by often.