Monday, November 19, 2012

CTN 2012 Photos

Always a blast to catch up with these guys: (l-r) Mark McDonnell, Nicolas P. Villareal, Armand Serrano, and David Colman. Other friends I saw: Tony and Tom Bancroft, Robh Ruppel, Stephen Silver, Faye Hsu, John Nevarez, Jeff Ranjo, Armand Baltazar, Holly Miller, Craig Elliot, Bill Perkins, Chris Deboda, etc.

Manned the Sony fort on CTN day 1. (l-r) Boola Robello, me, Ken Maruyama, JC Cornwell

All images @Armand Serrano.

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Tegan Clancy said...

What an amazing inspirational filled weekend with so many fantastic artists! Thank you once again for your time critiquing my work, I can not wait to put the advice into practice!