Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Arthur Christmas 2: The S-1

My concept on the S-1 stemmed from the TV show Battleship Yamato which I love when I was a kid. But instead of a flying battleship, S-1's an aircraft carrier. Below was my first stab on the concept.

Then we went for something slicker, streamlined and organic like a race car.

An idea that I had was the huge S-1 is being stirred by a tiny control rudder mounted on an arcade-type ride just to be playful and fun for the elves.

The concept below is when Grand Santa goes back to find his old sleigh and reindeer, he passes by museum type rooms where the old sleighs through generations are kept:

This could be his old sleigh used around late 1800's to 1920's

This was used around 1930's till mistaken for a German bomber eventually shot down during Battle of Britain in 1941 :)

Now this one was used during the Cold War in the 80's. Fun.

More to come...

All images ©Sony Pictures Animation.


Unknown said...

Great designs!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Whoa! These are fantastic. Definitely gonna have to go see this

Simon Scales said...

Awesome stuff man!!

Patrick Ballesteros said...

The S-1 concepts are stellar, has almost an Alex Nino graphic vibe to them.

Was wondering if they gave you much in regards to a design brief to work from or was it pretty vague like "badass santa ship"?

Regardless, end result turned out strong.


Armand Serrano said...

@Patrick: Pretty much. The story was still being written when I came on board. Few more directions were asked by the director after seeing the first round of artworks - make it sleek, red and has a sleigh feel. Thanks for the Alex Niño comment.

locuriatoons said...

buenisimos diseños!!

C.Deboda said...

Looks a lot of fun to work on. Love the S-1 look as well. Happy holidays!