Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Power Of Values Recap

(Top) Taken during the tonal design seminar at LAAFA. (Above) One of the many tonal designs I used at the seminar. 

All images ©Armand Serrano. 


jeffkunze said...

Do you know if you are going to ever have any of these teaching seminars on dvd for sale? Or if there is any chance you'd be coming to the east coast to teach?
I would definitely like to see and hear it.

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful as ALWAYS!

Great piece,


Jeane M. said...

Nothing less from the pro! The tones sure rocks! wow accounts for sale

abhishek said...

wish i can attend one of these,
the piece looks gorgeous, lovely composition.

Angelo Libutti said...

love your stuff Armand... I am now at Digital Domain and I just give your name to my Director.. hope to see you join us soon

Christopher Denise said...

The man has values!
I know I could use a refresher course and promise to jump at the chance to attend one of these seminars if and when I have the opportunity.
Well done my friend.


Christopher Denise said...
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