Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CTN Animation Expo 2010

Photos (Clockwise from left): During my talk on "The Power of Thumbnails"; Good ol' Mark McDonnell; Kim Mackey; Dan Daly; Mitch "Skelanimals" Bernal; Joe Gilland and Jay Schuh. 
Colleagues with me at the Sony booth: James Williams, Judy Thomason, Mike Kurinsky, Luc Desmarchelier and Ken Maruyama.  Other friends and colleagues I saw: Jill Culton, Robh Ruppel, David Colman, Craig Harris, Ed Ghertner, Peter Mohrle, Ronnie Del Carmen, Lee Gramling, Nicolas Villareal, Betsy Bauer, Tuna Bora, Christopher Denise, etc. Overwhelmed by so much talent present in one single event and reviewed close to a hundred portfolios in a couple of days. Very nostalgic weekend for me specially seeing my  ex-Disney Feature Animation Florida colleagues. Looking forward to next year.

Again, special thanks to Tina Price and her crew for making this year's animation expo a success. More power to CTN.


Betsy Bauer said...

It was so great seeing you again, Armand! Wish I could have made it to your talk!

Christie said...

I really enjoyed your talk at CTN! Thank you for sharing and keep on being an inspiration!

Owen Williams said...

HeY Armand,
Quick message to say how much I enjoyed your talk about thumbnailing at the CTN. It's certainly going to help me as I work on my own stuff.
I queued for ages to show you my portfolio at the Sony booth but unfortunately the person in front was the last person to have your review before you took a well deserved break. Oh well, nevermind, maybe next Novemeber I can show you first hand :)
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

well I missed that my friend !.
I was there on sunday .
Maybe next time .

Genevieve Tsai said...

Hi Armand!

It was wonderful meeting you in person finally at CTN, after admiring your work for so long and following your blog! Thank you so much for taking a look at my portfolio and for all your generous and kind compliments, it really means a lot coming from an amazing artist like you! I am looking forward to your next movie; the talk you had on The Power of Thumbnails was incredible and I learned SO much! Thanks again!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Luiz Gustavo PAFFARO said...

I am an artist from Brazil, was passing on a blog and saw your link, I found his work very good. Congratulations.


James O'Shea said...

Hey Armand!

did you notice this?:


I'm sad that I missed this talk, but I was there working as a volunteer. I really wanted to see it. perhaps next CTN-X or sooner...

Happy Holidays!

Christopher Denise said...


Your talk was fantastic-truly inspiring my friend.
Great to meet you in person!

Wishing you and yours all the best in over the Holidays and New year.