Saturday, February 21, 2009

iPod Touch/iPhone Finger Paintings

©Armand Serrano.
My daughter loves to use this very primitive finger painting app called Simple Paint on my iTouch. Got curious and gave it a shot. It's very basic but handy. Like that traffic light image on top for example. I stopped on a red light one foggy morning then tried to draw it before it turns green. There goes sketchclub right there.


Bernard Joaquin said...

awesome studies, the iPod Touch is like a sketchbook that provides movies and music at the touch of a button...or screen.. nice post.

Hans said...

Great stuff Armand! Sometimes it's really healthy to work with limitations, especially with all the bells and whistles we have today.

Btw, I'm moving out to Cali end of next month, so it would be really cool if we could meet up, but I'll keep you posted.


Jose Ramos said...

. This rememember me those atary , and commodore 64 games.
.What times! . I had a commodore 64 , and my favourite game was "Out Run"

Beautiful work Armand

Tom Scholes said...

Right on, lovely stuff.
You should be able to get the program "Brushes". It has opacity, scaling brush sizes, 3 different brushes, color picker and an undo redo feature. Goro Fujita uses it to great success along with a POGO stylus over here;

Alfred Llupia said...

Nice quick ones Armand!and very nice work on open season.Great to see your artwork again!Greetings!

Armand Serrano said...

Thanks guys.


We should definitely hook up when you get here. Keep me posted.


Wow! Never seen that app before. Thanks for the info and I'm definitely going to try these.

Anonymous said...

good and good

Craig said...

Man...these are GREAT!!! Simple and sweet.