Monday, May 05, 2008

Animation Book Look 2008 and Aardman

I will be at the Animation Book Look 2008 for book signing together with Sony colleagues Marcelo Vignali, Paul Lasaine, Richie Chavez, Ron Lukas, Mike Kurinsky, Chris Buck, and Chris Jenkins on May 17th. For more information, click here.

Last week, I wrapped up a gig with Aardman Studios in their temp studio here in Venice Beach. Sony had me on loan for a whole month and it was quite an experience. I had the pleasure of working with director Sarah Smith and her Aardman team, topnotch visdev talents George Hull and Francois Audouy, and a good old friend from my Disney days, Scott Caple. The last time I saw Scott was eleven years ago when we were working in Mulan. Hopefully next time we meet again will be sooner than that, right Scott? Photo above was taken during our "wrap" lunch. Left to right: myself, George, Peter, Alice, Francois, Sarah and Scott. Btw, I have links to George and Scott's sites here in my blog.


Jose Ramos said...

Hey Armand , pleasure to meet you, i have seen your art , and im very amazed , i love those backgrounds,

i´m a disney fan, especially of mulan and Lilo.

thanks for your blog , and remember to visit my blog!


What mugs, eh?
Definitely sooner than 11 years, i 'l be dead by then!


Erik D. Martin said...

Hey Armand! I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for giving me the crit!

Jay Fabares said...

hi Armand! it was great meeting you at the book signing (girl jay by the way!) and thanks for posing for a picture!

surf's up rocks!

Unknown said...

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