Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Bear and Third Day Concert

I took advantage of the President's day weekend and took a couple more days off to take a long overdue vacation. Since I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago, my family decided to spend a couple of days at a cabin up in Big Bear here in California to catch the last snow of the season. It was sunny and beautiful. No celphones and internet but I brought the very essential Xbox 360 and spent until 3:30 am playing Halo 3 and Ghost Recon 2. Photo above was taken from the patio of our cabin facing north overlooking Big Bear Lake.
Then to conclude my "birthday vacation", my wife Bing bought us tickets to one of my favorite Christian rock bands, Third Day at the House of Blues in Sunset Strip, Hollywood. They definitely rocked the house and there were also moments when they turned HOB into a sanctuary of worship. Awesome. For those of you in Florida, they will have a concert at the House of Blues at the Downtown Disney in Lake Buena Vista on February 29. Check for more concert details.
Anyway, it was a good time I'm back to work.


Stacey Chomiak said...

Hi Armand,

I checked out your blog from Mark Kennedy's blog - your first post caught my eye because Third Day is also one of my fav bands - they definitely rock the house live!

I'm going to Sheridan in Ontario, I'm in 3rd year - I love your work! AmAAAAzing layouts, wowza!

Keep it up, it's great inspirato for us students :)

Shuku said...

Happy belated birthday, Armand! Now that's one band I've heard of but never heard, so it's extra incentive to go hunt down some of their music...

Wow, such a lovely view - beautiful! So glad you got to have a vacation.


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey happy birthday Armand!

Great to hear that you enjoyed your well deserved vacation in the snow, rocking around and having fun with xbox games! ( glad to hear that Alf is not the only weirdo shooting against spooky creatures in the middle of the night!)
Welcome back and speak to you soon!


Mark McDonnell said...

Hey man . . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy some time off, you deserve it. All my best to you and your family.



Billy George said...

You brought your 360 to Big Bear? youre my hero. My wife would NEVER let me get away with that.

Happy birthday brother.

Daniel said...

Happy Birthday!

I love Third Day; I have their album 'Offerings'. Must have been great to hear them live.

Halo 3 rocks!


K.B. said...

Happy 21st Birthday Armand.

Armand Serrano said...

Thanks, guys.

Hey Kevin, that makes you 18 years old. Thanks.