Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Murmillo" / Marcos Mateu

Finally an artwork as promised. Can't sleep one night so I decided to do something. I saw an old sketch I was planning to paint a long time ago. It was inspired by an old 50's epic film titled "Demetrius and the Gladiators" starring Victor Mature. That film was the sequel to the classic "The Robe", the very first film shot in cinemascope with Richard Burton and Jean Simmons. Both are part of the list of films I love to watch when I was a kid (hey, only re-runs on Holy Week, I'm not that old!) and inspired me to work in the industry. Finally after a long wait, I was able to paint it, not in oil (thank goodness no mess!), but in Photoshop in three and a half hours. The painting depicts a Murmillo (with an Ernest Borgnine physique) entering the arena facing the uncertainty of survival. Love this historical subject when I was a kid.
On another note, my very good friend MARCOS MATEU is moving back to Dreamworks. Last Friday was his last day at Sony and honestly, it hasn't sunk in yet that he won't be at the studio when we go back to work on Monday. It's definitely different for me and my friend Marcelo. Marcos is incomparable and I've never met any other artist with such caliber. Definitely I echo how Marcelo described him in his blog - a virtuoso! Marcos gave this Roman drawing to me during our first few days working together in Surf's Up while jokingly talking about how to do production design in a live action movie. What a priceless learning experience for me working with him. All the best my friend.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Neat work. When ever I think of Gladiators I think of that sequence in the film Airplane when the Pilot asks "Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"

Marcelo Vignali said...

Wow, only three hours. Not bad.

Marcos Mateu said...

Cool post Armand!
(and thanks for posting up one of my best works ever...can't get enough of these references nowadays)

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

I love how you painted the other side of the arena, Armand. It gives a very intense feeling. Awesome work!

It's weird thinking that you've just missed one of the musketeers.. :) You guys are the best trio ever!

Armand Serrano said...

Thanks guys.


Actually, I intend to do an impression of the other side of the arena but was so tired so I did the quickest cheat ever - light it up. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Really nice work!! I love the Gladiator topic as well... good job.

Dave Dick said...

Looks really good, Armand!
It's tough to see friends leave, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Nice one .Great colours and lighting and the character looks stong . See you next week .

Best of luck to our friend Marcos .
Super nice guy , super talented artist .A joy to see someone so inspired and inspiring to work with . Cheers .

Anonymous said...

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