Monday, February 26, 2007

Music Video 2 - Boards and Stills

We edited the first half of the video over the weekend and here's a side by side comparison of some of the storyboard panels to the corresponding production stills.


Shuku said...

That's impressively close to planning, Armand! It's -great-. The third shot/storyboard - it looks real good in the production still. Out of curiousity, was it a room space issue, flipping the shot around? And the lighting is FAN. TAS. TIC.

It looks really, -really- good.


Marcos Mateu said...

FINALLY! film stills that look exactly as the storyboard panels! Beautiful shots Armand, it's your drawings come to life!

Anonymous said...

Heeeeyyyyy - where's the compromise you were talking about? Ha ha .
These look great . Testament to the fact that good planning gets results.
Shot 3 going down actually came out better with the half-arch in the final shot .The cold blue light just draws you .

Great stuff Armand .

Alessandra Sorrentino said...


Armand Serrano said...


Thanks for your kind words. It's not actually a room space issue but more of layout and natural lighting (time of day) issues. The first time I went to the house, it was at night and just quickly went over the whole house to see the floor plan. But on the day of the shoot, the place looked different especially the light orientation from the sun. So I decided to rearrange a bit without losing the original feel of the board.


The arc is one of those happy accidents we have to keep an eye on and the blue light is a good call by the key grip by using a cool colored film drape behind her to diffuse the intense sunlight behind her. Thanks for posting, my friend.


Martin Wittig said...

Armand-- These are very nice! I love the lighting, and the staging is equally great! :)

Unknown said...

WOW!! It's great to see the footage and storyboard side by side!!